Woman recalls grave site kidnapping by fatal wreck suspect

TOMBALL, Texas (KTRK) -- Tina Fontaine lost her 10-year-old son Aaron to a rare form of cancer. In June 2017, she was paying him a visit at his grave site.

"That particular day, I was going out there to see him, as well as his birthday was coming up," said Fontaine.

She was at Klein Memorial Park Cemetery in Tomball.

As she was about to leave, Charles Glaze approached her.

"He told me he was there visiting a loved one," said Fontaine.

Fontaine says things quickly became uncomfortable, and then suddenly Glaze grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth.

"He pulled a Taser out. He began to Tase me multiple times," said Fontaine.

She said she fought, punching, kicking and putting up a fight.

"At one point, he grabbed my neck and twisted it so hard I could hear everything popping. He pulled out a gun and stuck a gun to my face," said Fontaine.

Glaze eventually got Fontaine on the ground, putting zip ties around her wrists. As she fought, she said she felt her son Aaron telling her not to give up.

"I just heard my son telling me over and over again. I couldn't leave my husband, I couldn't leave my son, his brother. I kept seeing their faces over and over," said Fontaine.

The petite mother's strength was unwavering. Blindfolded, gagged and bound, she kept going until Glaze couldn't go anymore.

"I was slinging back and forth and hitting and screaming. And everything he made, about four or five steps then, and you could tell he was getting fatigued and he just collapsed to his knees," said Fontaine.

She continued to fight, and eventually she was able to escape. She ran about 100 yards through brush beyond the cemetery, to a barbed wire fence, where she yelled for help to firefighters at a fire station.

Fontaine was finally safe, and not long after, Glaze was found and charged.

"As our case went forward, we were able to get DNA on one of the items that Ms. Fontaine had on, one of the items tied to her," said Rob Freyer, Montgomery County assistant district attorney.

On Friday, Glaze pleaded guilty to one of the charges in the case and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Fontaine got to face him in court as she read her victim impact statement.

"I think the thing that angered me the most was he was too coward to look at me," said Fontaine.

Freyer said this isn't the first time Glaze had approached women at cemeteries. In one case, one woman felt so uncomfortable, she took a picture of his truck, which helped in Fontaine's case. In another incident, Glaze reportedly asked a woman out and gave her his business card at the cemetery.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated case, while out on bond, Glaze crashed on the Grand Parkway, killing two people. He's now charged with two counts of manslaughter in Harris County. That case is still ongoing.

Fontaine is sharing her story, because she wants to make sure other women are always aware of their surroundings, no matter where they are.

She also wants to raise awareness about the rare form of cancer her son died from. If you'd like more information, go to histiocure.org.


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