Uber driver helps deliver baby in car

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Sunday, July 16, 2017
Woman gives birth in rideshare vehicle
Authorities eventually transported the mother, father and child to a hospital in good condition.

LOS ANGELES -- A woman gave birth to a newborn in a rideshare car Friday night in Sherman Oaks.

The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived after the successful delivery, which happened near the 12900 block of West Riverside Drive.

Authorities transported the mother, father and child in good condition.

AIR7 HD captured the exclusive footage of the end of the birth. Witness Darrin Henson said the woman went into a labor at a Whole Foods nearby and the couple called an Uber.

"The amazing part is, you never know when life starts and right here at Whole Foods today a woman was having a baby inside of an Uber car. So she ordered an Uber and she went into labor," he said.

Firefighters said the Uber driver and the father assisted in the delivery of the baby.

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