Woman believes she encountered fake utility worker at home

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Woman believes she encountered fake utility worker at home

A Houston family is on edge after a man claiming to work for CenterPoint Energy set off red flags.

The alleged employee approached the home in Museum Park after circling the block in a suspicious manner. He then refused to answer questions, according to the family.

The man approached Tia Alexander's home while she was alone and, according to her, gave her a weird vibe.

"He walked past the window and then he came back, and so I came to my stairs and we kind of made eye contact looking through the window of my glass door," recalled Alexander. "At that point I went downstairs and he said 'I'm here to read your meter.' And I was like, 'Is there a number or something I can call?' He said, 'I have a badge, you don't trust me? Well then forget it.' Then he kind of abruptly got in his truck and drove off."

The video, which was taken from the Alexanders' home surveillance camera, shows the man leaving in a white truck, park on the back side of the house, then leave and enter a nearby apartment complex.

With what's been going on in the neighborhood lately, Alexander had her reasons to be suspicious.

"There's been burglaries, vandalism. That kind of thing. So I'm already just more aware," Alexander continued.

Alexander called CenterPoint to see if someone was scheduled to come out. They said, "No."

In fact, a worker already read the meter back around Jan. 12.

Eyewitness News tried calling CenterPoint to get some answers, but couldn't reach anyone.

We did find an impersonator safety tip sheet online. Among the points, if a customer has doubts about whether someone is an employee or a contractor, they should ask to see an ID badge or call CenterPoint's call center to see if crews are in the area.

Whether the man in this case was just doing his job or up to no good, Alexander didn't like the feeling she got and hopes her neighbors and everyone will stay vigilant.

"Be cautious and for the organization, if he is legit, then they should have been able to have a number where I could call and make confirmation and he didn't provide that," Alexander said.

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