Man survives being bitten on head by shark while spearfishing in the Bahamas

A man is speaking out about how he survived after being bitten on the head and neck by a shark in the Caribbean.

Will Krause was spearfishing in the Bahamas with several friends when he was charged by a reef shark.

Video of the attack shows the 7-foot shark grab Krause's head and neck and then suddenly release him.

"The only thing I really can remember at that moment under the water was the sound, the sound of the crunch of my head, which is not a pleasant sound," Krause said.

The shark attack left the man with gaping wounds.

"I remember for the first 15 minutes of the boat ride, thinking if we don't get him to stop bleeding, it could be all over," one of Krause's friends said.

Krause says he owes his life to his friends and to God for protecting him during the terrifying encounter.

The group says they do plan to go back into the ocean again.
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