MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: Whataburger selling Dr Pepper shakes

Two of the most Texas things are coming together to form what Dr Pepper calls "a match made in Heaven."

Some eagle-eyed social media users spotted a sign advertising a Whataburger Dr Pepper Shake and had to know if what they were seeing is true or just a late (and cruel) April Fools' joke.

But they weren't left in the dark for long.

Whataburger replied to a customer who asked saying, "It is true!"

It's not clear if the cool treat will be available at every Whataburger.

But it's probably not surprising that the two should pair up.

In January, Dr Pepper started a petition to make the beverage the official soft drink of Texas.

So why not team up with a restaurant that is so beloved in Texas?

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Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!
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