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Friday, July 2, 2021
Here's what to binge this weekend
If you're looking for something to watch this holiday weekend, we've got your guide.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Whether you need an update on the latest headlines and how the big stories affect you and your family, or you're just looking to curl up on the couch with a good show, we've got you. We have an entire guide on what to watch on ABC13's free streaming apps any day of the week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And the best part? You can get access to hours and hours of this content - all free. Just download our apps (more on that in a second!).

Here's what's on tap.

ABC13 original: "A Heart Beats On"

"A Heart Beats On" tells the story about two families forever connected by one heart.

Two years ago, LaSher Bartay, a mom from Victoria, Texas, came close to death when her heart stopped following a mastectomy.

It turned out she had a rare heart condition that had gone undetected her whole life. She was in cardiac arrest for so long that her heart stopped pumping enough blood to her legs and she had to have her feet amputated.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle, Bartay never imagined she'd be in that position.

Then she received a life-saving gift from a stranger.

Meanwhile, the Garrett family of Nacogdoches had lost their son Brandon, who was in his early 20s. He was hit and killed by a car.

Just a few weeks before his death, Brandon told his mother he wanted to be an organ donor.

"A Heart Beats On" tells the story of both families' journeys, culminating in a meeting that was incredibly powerful and emotional.

Stream the special now in the "Binge This!" collection.

ABC13 is now on Hulu

"Vanessa Guillen: Remember Her Name"

The family of Houston native and Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen is sharing their story of grief, anger, and action in the ABC13 Original "Vanessa Guillen: Remember Her Name."

This week marked one year since Guillen's remains were found along the Leon River. She was missing for 69 days before search crews found human hair and then her body bludgeoned, dismembered and burned.

This special has exclusive interviews with Guillen's family and the crews who found her.

To watch, just search Vanessa Guillen on Hulu. It's also still available on the ABC13 streaming apps.

"Andrea Yates: 20 years later"

It was a tragedy that saddened the nation and brought postpartum illness into the spotlight. On June 20, 2001, Andrea Yates drowned her five small children one by one in the bathtub of her Clear Lake home.

Yates is now 56.

We're looking back at the case and where Yates is today.

ABC13's Jessica Willey is taking you inside the case on Hulu. Plus, now streaming on ABC13's app, the "Andrea Yates: 20 Years Later" collection features seven different stories, including a nearly 20-minute special, a reporter's notebook with Jessica detailing accounts from Yates' attorney to the paramedic who responded to the family's home, and the chilling testimony from 2002.


More than 750 people are missing from Houston and our surrounding communities.

Some have been found, their bodies dumped in the infamous Killing Fields.

Others have vanished, and their cases gone cold.

Courtney Fischer is looking for answers in "Unsolved."

Find her series on Hulu and on the ABC13 app wherever you stream.

Freedom Over Texas means Sunday night fireworks

There's a lot to look forward to this Fourth of July weekend, including the Shell Freedom over Texas celebration.

In fact, you don't have to leave home to enjoy the show (it's not open to the public anyway). Instead, we are bringing the fun and entertainment to you live.

You won't want to miss performances from headliner country singer Lee Brice and special guest artist Jimmie Allen.

Right now in our streaming collection dedicated to Independence Day, you can watch these exclusive titles about both stars:

  • Lee Brice's journey from football star to country singer
  • Lee Brice's surprising connection to dream home and farm
  • Meet Jimmie Allen: Special guest at Shell Freedom Over Texas

If you can't wait to celebrate, both Allen and Brice will be featured on ABC13's Red, White and Wow special. That starts at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Then Sunday, Shell Freedom over Texas, complete with a fireworks finale, kicks off at 7 p.m. on ABC13.

The fireworks will reach 800 feet! And if you want to head outside to see them, the ideal spots are open spaces and neighborhood parks with a view of the western downtown skyline.

Get away to Italy

Well, we can't really give you a trip to Italy or the Riviera, but after you watch the new Pixar film, "Luca," you may want to take a trip.

"Luca" follows the story of two boys who just happen to also be sea creatures, and their adventures in the water and on land. Director Enrico Casarosa says the story came from his own childhood.

"I really wanted to talk about how do friends help us grow up. And what is it about these people that are very different from us that somehow help us find our identity?" Casarosa said.

"Luca" is streaming now on Disney+.

Watch an exclusive clip in our "On the Red Carpet" collection.

More local news when you need it

We're (finally) emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed many people's schedules.

If you have had to shift a bit, we're still here for you.

We're still on the air at 4:30 a.m. for the early birds, but for those still thinking about changing out of their pajamas (or maybe you'll never have to because you work from home!), we have an extra hour of news starting at 7 a.m.

So grab your cup of coffee for conversation about what you need to know for your day and what you missed while you were sleeping.

Then in primetime, including on the weekends, check out another hour of updates and weather when Eyewitness News streams at 9 p.m.

You can also stream our newscasts on weekend mornings.


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Ok, I'm ready. How do I watch?

This is the easy part! We have a step-by-step guide to show you how to download the free ABC13 Houston apps for your Roku, Fire TV, Google TV or Apple TV. Follow this link to get started and get access to 24/7 live events, breaking news, weather and original programming, all free - no subscription or access codes needed.