Strong storms cause flooding across Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Dozens of motorists became stranded in high water as heavy rains flooded streets in central Houston Tuesday evening.

"I was less than a block away," said Jimmy Thang who got flooded in his Volkswaggen while driving in his neighborhood near Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet. "If these guys are willing to risk it, I should be able to be OK."

PHOTOS: Flooding seen across Houston area

Just yards away from Thang's vehicle, the driver in a expensive Jaguar F-Type got flooded too and got to higher ground.

"I didn't notice that the water was high, so I kept driving," said Taras Kirichnko whose BMW SUV got water in the tailpipe.

Kirichanko said he called his friend to come and help.

"His call was, 'I'm drowning,'" said Kirichnko's friend.

"It would have been much wiser to just step back and just wait it out for a few hours and just walk home," said Thang.
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