Schultz Junior High paraprofessional fired over sexual assault allegations, Waller ISD confirmed

Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Some parents unaware of Waller ISD worker's sexual assault allegations
At least one Schultz Junior High School parent claims administrators never informed them about an employee's sexual assault allegations.

WALLER, Texas (KTRK) -- A Waller ISD employee has been fired following a sexual assault allegation, according to the district.

At about 3 p.m. on Monday, Schultz Junior High and Waller ISD officials were made aware of the allegation that occurred off-campus, according to a district spokesperson.

The district representative said the now-fired employee was a paraprofessional at Schultz.

The district would not say whether the allegation involves a student or where off campus it occurred.

Parents picking up their children on Tuesday had not heard about the employee being fired, adding that no email was sent out.

Katy Collette, who has a sixth-grade student at the junior high, believes there should be more transparency from the district so she can talk to her child.

"That's a problem," Collette said. "You need to tell us things like that so we can talk to our kids. It doesn't matter if it was a teacher or not. It matters it happened, and we should know about it."

The district sent a statement to ABC13 saying, in part, "The safety of WISD family is our highest priority and misconduct will not be tolerated."

Deputies for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, which is handling the investigation, were seen on campus on Tuesday, adding to parents' concerns due to the unusual.

A spokesperson for the HCSO also would not say whether the allegation involves a student, saying the case is still open and investigators are talking to all witnesses and people involved.

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