Inside Walter Reed: The hospital of American presidents

BETHESDA, Maryland -- It's known as Ward 71, that presidential suite inside Walter Reed Medical Center where the president and other high ranking administration officials receive medical care.

President Donald Trump will work here for several days after he tested positive for COVID-19 and came down with symptoms of the virus.

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The suite has offices and conference rooms to receive visitors and hold meetings. It even has a dining room to make high profile guests feel more at home.

For years, Walter Reed has served as the main medical care facility outside The White House for America's presidents.

Ronald Reagan stayed there for surgery. Richard Nixon fought pneumonia there. John F. Kennedy's body was taken there on that fateful day in 1963 after arriving from Dallas.

Inside, there are bedrooms for the president and first lady and guests and while much is kept private about the facility, archival descriptions show there are nine rooms that cover a full floor of the old building.

It's where Trump will call home for the next several days and where he will continue to keep up with his official duties.