Artisanal pizzas made in Guatemalan volcano caves

ByEdd Adamko, Jessica Dominguez and John Garcia Localish logo
Thursday, October 13, 2022
Artisanal pizzas made in Guatemalan volcano caves
Pizza Pacaya takes hot pizza to a new level, cooking its pies in an active volcano.

SAN VICENTE PACAYA, Guatemala -- It's the only place in the world where you can hike up a volcano and once done, enjoy an artisanal pizza cooked inside a volcano!

Based in Guatemala, Pizza Pacaya was created by David Garcia, who was inspired to start his pizza business after witnessing tour guides roasting marshmallows in volcano caves.

"The whole world loves pizza," said Garcia. "I realized I could do more."

You can hike the mountain, ride a horse or a combination of both.

"The hike is about an hour and a half," said Corina Garcia, a resident of Monterey Park. "Once you got there, you had to leave the horses so that you can go over the lava rocks where he created the most amazing lava pizzas."

Once the pizza is ready, guests can sit on a chair or lava-made rock to enjoy their freshly made volcano-cooked pizza!

Watch the video above for the whole story.

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