Army officials reprimanded in Vanessa Guillen's case haven't been fired

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021
Army officials reprimanded in Guillen's case haven't been removed
Vanessa Guillen's family is asking for multiple things to be done, including the removal of those who were reprimanded in Vanessa's case.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Vanessa Guillen's family met with U.S. Army General John M. Murray Tuesday at the Post Oak Hotel almost three months after Murray released a report detailing his investigation into Fort Hood's leadership.

Despite him being present, Murray didn't answer any questions from the media.

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Attorney Natalie Khawam, who represents the Guillen family, said they still want multiple things done. They want the Army to stop saying the accused killer, Specialist Aaron Robinson, didn't harass Guillen. Khawam believes if no one witnessed the murder in the armory room, no one really knows what happened. The family wants sexual harassment to carry strict punishment under military law and is asking those who were reprimanded in Guillen's chain of command be removed from the Army.

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More than a year after Houston Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen vanished from Fort Hood, the Army base's leadership is sitting down with ABC13's Steve Campion. No question is off limits as the mysterious case continues to unravel.

"I really believe General Murray, not only did he show up as he promised ... he really did give it a lot of thought about our request with Robinson," said Khawam. "Just because you didn't find (the) evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen. It's important to clarify that. There are a lot of soldiers out there. Just because they didn't have a camera in the room, doesn't mean it didn't happen (sexual harassment)."

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Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia said so far, all those who've faced punishment after Murray's investigation remain in the Army, which allows them to be entitled to their pay and benefits.

"The reality is all of them are still in the Army. Every single one of them," said Garcia. "They're getting their benefits, their pay. They get all the privileges."

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