Soapy solutions: Uses for dish soap you might not know about

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Unique uses for dish soap
Did you know? Your dish soap can do more for you than just clean your dishes.

A little dab of dish soap is all it takes to save you money or come to your rescue when you're in a jam.

Need emergency hair repair? You can get gum or anything greasy out of your hair by adding a small amount of dish soap. You can then rub it out with your fingertips or use a comb.

Dish soap can also kill weeds. Mix a half teaspoon of Dawn with a half cup of salt and a half gallon of vinegar to spray those pesky plants.

If you need to kill ants, dish soap can tackle that, too. Simply put a teaspoon or two in a spray bottle of water and that alone should take out the ants.

You can catch fruit flies with a few drops of dish soap mixed with a small container of vinegar. Flies will be attracted to the white vinegar and then get trapped by soap.

Dish soap can also be a great de-fogger for your glasses. If your specs cloud up in the Houston humidity, rub a drop of dish soap on each lens, then wipe them clean.

You won't notice the film left behind, and it will keep your glasses from fogging.