76 CENT GAS: Drivers crowd new gas station to get deal in Cut and Shoot

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Thursday, June 28, 2018
.76 gas sold in Cut and Shoot
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.76 gas sold in Cut and Shoot

CUT AND SHOOT, Texas (KTRK) -- When was the last time you saw gas for 76 cents per gallon?

The new Crystal Creek Gas Station on SH 105 in Cut and Shoot probably had some drivers pinching themselves to make sure the price they saw was real.

To celebrate the gas station's opening, it partnered with Union 76 Fuel on Thursday for a promotion where the first 100 drivers in line at 9 a.m. could fill up their tanks for under a buck a gallon.

Video shows hundreds of vehicles in line, ready to take advantage of the bargain. In fact, there were so many drivers, the gas station extended the special pricing to the 200th vehicle in line.

You can't get gas for 76 cents per gallon anymore, but if you live in the area or you're willing to use the gas that you do have to travel to Montgomery County, you can still get a deal.

Crystal Creek will sell gas at $1.76 a gallon for the rest of the day.