Unilever brands Dove, Vaseline to stop using 'normal' to describe hair, skin on beauty products

ByTisha Powell KTRK logo
Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Dove, Vaseline to stop using 'normal' on beauty products
Unilever's brands, including Dove, Vaseline and Axe, will soon drop "normal" from its beauty product packaging due to its negative impact.

The company Unilever has decided that "normal" is not inclusive and plans to stop using it.

The consumer packaged goods company is dropping the word from its beauty and personal care products.

Those brands include Dove, Vaseline and Axe.

Unilever said a study it recently conducted found seven in 10 people surveyed felt using the word "normal" on product packaging has a negative impact.

For people ages 18 to 35, that number rose to eight in 10.

Unilever also said it won't Photoshop models anymore. Company leadership is now committed to portraying people from more diverse backgrounds in its advertising.