Claim your money being held by the state of Texas

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Thursday, September 17, 2020
How to claim your cash being held by the state
Did you know you could have money being held by the state? Here's how to claim it.

We could all use a little extra cash right now, and you might just have some waiting on you to claim.

It's not a grant or a loan, it's your money, and the state of Texas is holding it for you, but you have to go get it.

There is a lot of money sitting around. Five billion dollars in unclaimed cash is being held by the state of Texas.

To get it, just log in to the state's unclaimed cash website and search for your name.

If you see your name, follow the instructions on how to make a claim and then wait for the money to arrive. It's really that easy.

Even if you've checked the website before, state officials say you should check it again.

They recommend setting a reminder on your phone and taking a look every four months or so.

"We get new property every year, so it is always a good idea to take a look at our database at least once a year, so you can take a look at our database at," said Bryant Clayton from the state's comptroller's office.

Best of all? There is no fee to have your money returned to you.

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