Uber driver accused of taking off with customer's luggage and $8,000

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Uber driver accused of taking off with customers $8,000
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Uber driver accused of taking off with customers $8,000

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Uber says they are investigating a trip to the airport that ended with a rider missing his flight and losing $8,000 in cash.

Hamid Beris told Eyewitness News that he got in an Uber Monday night, and the driver took off with all his luggage and cash.

"I said before going to the airport, 'Can we just go to my friend's house? I want to say goodbye to him before going,'" Beris said.

Beris was headed to Iran for a medical procedure, and he said he packed his laptop, medical records and $8,000 for his surgery.

"I just came back, and I see he's not here," Beris said.

Keith, the Uber driver, allegedly took off with all of Beris luggage and personal items.

Without a passport or cash, Beris missed his medical appointment and non-refundable flight.

Beris says he spent all night trying to call Keith and Uber's customer service.

During the Eyewitness News interview, the Uber driver finally returned Beris' call.

He claimed he became frustrated with Beris and decided to leave and drop his luggage off in a parking lot.

Beris found his luggage abandoned with his cash, laptop and passport intact.

After minutes of standing in the parking lot in disbelief, an Uber representative returned Beris phone call.

"You are the only person who called me," Beris explained to the Uber representative. "It's almost 12 p.m. Tuesday. I begged you guys to tell me what I should do next."

Uber refunded his car ride and said they would look into refunding his plane ticket.

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