Suspect accused of kidnapping, killing woman with Houston ties seeks murder charge dismissal

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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Man accused of kidnapping, killing woman seeks murder charge dismissal
Troy Driver is facing several charges in Lyon County, Nevada, including kidnapping and first-degree murder.

LYON COUNTY, Nevada (KTRK) -- The man accused of kidnapping and murdering a young woman who grew up in the Houston area is set to face a judge on Tuesday.

Naomi Irion's body was found in Nevada about three weeks after she was reported missing. Investigators there said Troy Driver kidnapped her in a Walmart parking lot with the intent to kill her.

"I'm glad to be here and be close to everything," said Irion's older sister, Tamara Cartwright. She moved from Houston to Nevada in the wake of her little Naomi's death.

Cartwright said it's important for her to be in the area as the trial plays out. "Whether it can be proved or not, I know my sister was kidnapped. The person that kidnapped her did so with ill intent."

Driver is facing several charges in Lyon County, Nevada, including kidnapping and first-degree murder.

The ABC affiliate in Reno is reporting that Driver's attorneys are asking a judge to drop the murder charge. They argue that he shouldn't be tried for murder in Lyon County because there's no evidence Irion was killed there. She was kidnapped from a Walmart parking lot in Lyon County. Search teams eventually found her body in Churchill County.

Tuesday afternoon, a judge could decide whether to dismiss the charge based on that technicality and set court dates for the future.

"I just want people to pay attention and make sure that they're watching everything because the more eyes we have on it, the more people will know this is important not just for us, but for everyone," Cartwright said.

Driver is due in court for his pre-trial hearing Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. Cartwright said she'll be there in the courtroom because she believes that's what her sister would want.

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