Travis Scott fans lined up 24 hours before his store opens

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Travis Scott fans line up day before rapper's store opens
Travis Scott fans lined up 24 hours before the rapper's store opens.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Travis Scott is set to open Tuesday his new permanent store called Space Village, located in Rice Village, which was open for just two days over the last week.

While about 80 fans were lined up by 2 p.m. on Monday hoping that they would be chosen to go in the store the next day, ABC13 returned to the storefront later in the night to find no one lined up outside. Although there was no word on what cleared out the scene, those fans would have had to face spending the night outdoors in plunging temperatures.

There was a crowd the afternoon of Nov. 11, 2019 outside Travis Scott's Space Village ahead of its permanent opening, but it was a bit different later that night.

Still, on Monday afternoon, the crowd was all too happy for the long haul.

"At this point, I'll take anything that comes out of the store, because it's all rare," said Reginald Cornett, who held the ninth place in line.

Inside the store, Scott is selling clothing and shoes. For those who are not able to get inside and buy it themselves, they can purchase it resale.

Cornett said a pair of $150 shoes could run someone up to $1,500 resale.

"This is more of a cultural thing," Cornett said. "It's not about, 'He's a celebrity.' It's more about he's from the city, he brought something new and exciting to the city, and we're out here trying to experience it and enjoy it."

Nextdoor to the understated Space Village is a clothing store capitalizing on the hype with their neighbor.

Jessica Robinson, owner of Miss Robinson Fashion House, has put pictures of Kylie Jenner on her mannequins' heads. Jenner and Scott have a daughter together.

"My target market is girls who follow the Kardashians and Kendall Jenner, so all my stuff is fast fashion so it was good for me," Robinson said.

She also hopes her decor will lure Jenner into her store if she ever comes back for a visit.

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