How the 2021 winter storm happened

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The 2021 Winter Storm that paralyzed Texas was not a surprise.
ABC13 Chief Meteorologist Travis Herzog and ABC13 Chief Forecaster David Tillman asked Harris County meteorologist Jeff Lindner and NOAA meteorologist Jeff Evans to join a group discussion on the storm.

All felt that major winter freeze warnings began 10 days prior to the storm. Residents did have time to prepare for the storm, but no one was ready for the massive loss of power across the state. The group did expect some power loss, but not the near shutdown of the Texas Electric Grid.
Jeff Lindner was affected most by the freeze, losing both power and water at his home. And even though he took precautions, Lindner still had pipes burst in his home.

While these four meteorologists won't forget this storm, they know it's not the last. All believe Texas will be hit with another major freeze, but when is something they don't know.
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