These are airlines' policies for bringing your pet on a flight

A mother and daughter say they are heartbroken after discovering their dog died during a three-hour United Airlines flight from Houston to New York.

The family claims a flight attendant told them to put the pet in an overhead bin because the kennel wouldn't fit under the seat in front of them.

United released a statement acknowledging that it's not their policy to place animals in overhead bins.

The airline also says it will implement a new system requiring bright colored tags on all luggage carrying pets.

As of March 20, the airline will suspend its pet-shipping business, PetSafe, after a dog wound up in Japan instead of Kansas.

The airline said reservations will be halted while it reviews the program but that PetSafe will not be ended entirely.

Each airline has different rules when it comes to in-cabin pets.


- Domesticated cats, dogs, rabbits and household birds allowed

- Can be carried in addition to a carry-on bag in approved hard-sided or soft-sided kennel
- $125 service charge each way
- Advance reservations required
- Kennel must fit under the seat in front of you

To see United full list of rules, including the dimensions for kennels, visit their in-cabin pets page.


- Only small cats and dogs allowed in carrier under your seat
- Reservations are required
- $95 pet fare each way per carrier

- No pets allowed in cargo bin
- No pets on international flights

Trained assistance animals and emotional support animals have different requirements.

Southwest explains on its FAQ page.

American Airlines

- Only cats and dogs allowed
- Can travel as carry-on, be checked or transported with American Airlines Cargo
- Can travel on most flights not longer than 12 hours. There may also be restrictions depending on the destination
- Carry-on pet charge: $125 per kennel

- Must stay in kennel and under seat in front of you

American Airlines also has restrictions depending on the aircraft and breed of animal. Click here to check the full list.

Delta Airlines

- $125 one-way fee for dogs, cats and house birds
- No animals on flights that are longer than 12 hours
- Kennel must be able to fit under seat
- Pets can travel as cargo

Go here to see Delta's Pet Policy in full.

Family recalls dog's death after pet was put in overhead bin

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A mother and daughter are heartbroken after they say their dog died on a United flight from Houston to New York.

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