Summer 2020 travel trends: Road trips, camping and virtual experiences

Monday, June 8, 2020
Everything to know about this summer's top travel trends
Hey, lets get away! Hit play to hear what you need to know about changing your travel plans and what's expected to be popular ways to plan a trip.

Many destinations are still shut down because of fears over COVID-19, and with concerns about a budget, many people are changing their plans.

"We were actually going to plan to take a trip to the beach to Cabo, and I think those plans are a little bit delayed right now because of COVID-19," Katya DeStefano told ABC13.

Travel experts said people vacationing this summer will be more inclined to make plans at the last minute and stay closer to home.

"I think this is going to be a summer where nobody is going to be planning long-term," said local travel expert Eileen Ogintz.

According to a survey from, 24 percent of people said they will be taking shorter trips with road trips or even RV travel as a more appealing option than flying.

"For now, you just want to drive. We might take an RV to New Mexico," said DeStefano.

Camping is also expected to be another popular way to get away, as you can all but eliminate contact with other people.

"There's a really pent up demand for people to want to get outside with their kids," said Ogintz.

That could also mean renting a beach house or cabin where there are no shared public spaces.

There are also online experiences. There's never been so much virtual content available, and the best part is there are no parameters of budget or time, and the whole family can get involved.

"It's a real opportunity to let kids lead the way," Ogintz said.

When making plans for the summer, be sure to confirm the refund and cancellation policy.

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