LAYAWAY VACATION: How you can travel now and pay later

Monday, July 2, 2018
Travel options on a budget
Don't let your budget keep you grounded if you want to travel!

Ready to see the world? Travel loan companies are available that could help you take off even if your budget has you grounded.

With UpLift, you can book the trip now and pay later through monthly installments.

The company says it works with airlines to help make travel affordable.

You could also try Affirm. It works with travel deal sites, like Expedia or Cheap-Air.

Both companies offer flexible, pay-over-time options, not just for the flight, but for the entire trip. However, you'll want to pay attention to the interest rates.

With layaway, you typically pay off your ticket or trip before you pack your bags. One benefit is you don't have to drain your savings or make a credit card payment up front.

But there are fees that vary by provider and paying this way isn't for everyone.

"All of these different finance companies charge a fee. Some of them are a standard flat fee. Another one would be usually between nine percent and 36 percent," said travel expert Johnny Jet.

Jet says if you aren't sure how you'll pay the loan back, or if you have credit card debt, you should not finance a trip.