Texas Children's Hospital halts hormone-related prescription therapies for transgender children

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Gender-affirming care in Texas is in jeopardy for transgender children. Texas Children's Hospital told ABC13 they're pausing specific treatments after state leaders decided to ask Child Protective Services to investigate gender-affirming care as child abuse has left them no choice.

Texas Children's Hospital said the following statement:

"The mission of Texas Children's Hospital is to create a healthier future for all children, including transgender children, within the bounds of the law. After assessing the Attorney General's and Governor's actions, Texas Children's Hospital paused hormone-related prescription therapies for gender-affirming services. This step was taken to safeguard our healthcare professionals and impacted families from potential criminal legal ramifications."

Eyewitness News reached out to Legacy Community Health to see if they're changing treatment plans as a result. So far, we haven't had a response.

Transgender activists, like Eden Rose Torres, slammed the state's move. Torres says it will harm those most vulnerable.

"Government officials in Austin have made a catastrophic attack on trans kids but also the entire trans community as a whole," said Torres. "As trans adults, we know how important it is to have gender-affirming care. And as kids, I can't imagine starting a process being affirmed in who I am, and then it being taken away."

Ty David Lerman with Southwest Psychotherapy Associates said denying gender-affirming care to transgender children could significantly harm their mental health.

Lerman noted that suicide rates among the LGBTQ+ community are higher than other kids.

"The bottom line is this legislation most likely will kill youth," said Lerman. "Preventing a child from being able to express who they are is more damaging than simply letting and affirming that child to speak their voice, to speak what is their truth, and to be able to speak aloud and be themselves. Whatever that may be."

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