Driver in car pushes SUV back after parking too close

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Neighbors say it's common to see a lot of people parked along one southwest Houston street.

But when we showed them what happened on Marinette Drive, they just couldn't believe it.

Someone sent ABC13 Eyewitness News video of a car pushing another vehicle so it could get out of its parking spot.

It appears the vehicle may not have had room to get out of the spot, so the person put the car in reverse and pushed the SUV back.

We reached out to law enforcement and asked what kind of trouble you can get into when doing something like this.

Police said the person in the car could face criminal mischief charges, depending on the damage.

Officers said if you ever cause damage to another vehicle, you're supposed to notify the other owner, whether it's in person or by leaving your information behind.

The person who sent Eyewitness News the video declined to go on camera, and we're not exactly sure when the incident took place.

But neighbors who live nearby say it's not uncommon to see cars parked tightly together on this stretch of road.

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