Smallest no parking zone appears on Houston street

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- For years, a Houston man could legally park right in front of his house.

Then without warning, the city said he couldn't.

Pat Purcell came home one day last week and the city's smallest no-parking zone popped up on either end of his house.

He called ABC13's Ted Oberg for action.

"I'd like the signs removed," Purcell said.

Oberg went looking for answers about why the signs went up in the first place.

The city explained the signs were supposed to be at the end of the street on a narrow curve, but the crew got confused on where to place them.

They blamed an old sign record for the mix-up.

The day after Oberg called, a city crew came back and ripped the signs out.

The signs are now down, though not completely removed or put back up in the right place.
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