Houston sees first week without traffic spike since reopening

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Over the last few weeks, traffic has gradually picked up, but now, we're seeing the trend flatten.

Since the beginning of May, with businesses reopening, we've seen a gradual rebound in traffic, but now that growth is starting to level off.

Here's a breakdown of the numbers from Houston Transtar:
  • Week of May 16: Traffic 18.8% lower than the same week last year
  • Week of May 23: Traffic down 18.1% compared to the same week of last year
  • Week of May 30: Traffic 13.5% lower than the same week last year
  • Week of June 6: 14% percent drop year over year, a move in the opposite direction

The translation is, traffic is still down compared to regular summertime patterns, but we're no longer seeing much growth week over week.

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Experts predict we won't see another jump in traffic until school gets back in session and people return to the workplace in large numbers.

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