Speed up your morning commute by adding a workout

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Imagine cutting your morning drive time in half, and reducing your stress throughout the day. Commuter Shari King says adding a morning workout helps her beat traffic on her drive to work.

King starts her day extra early, around 4 a.m., so she can relax before starting her busy routine.

"I get up so early so I can have a cup of coffee, sit in bed with my dog, and just veg for a little bit," she says.

By the time the caffeine kicks in, she's up and packing a bag of work clothes to change into after her spin class at Revolution Studio.

"I pack all of this up and decide what I am going to wear," she explains.

Shari says she works out in the morning, not just for the cardio boost, but also to help speed up her morning drive. She says stopping for spin cuts her drive time in half.

"Probably would be 30 minutes to downtown, but now it takes me 10, 15 at the most."

Shari says the trick is finding a gym or studio that is on your way to work, so you get a head start on your morning drive, before the rush hour begins.

"Kirby and Westheimer is usually crazy, but this time in the morning, piece of cake."

After a heart-pounding 45 minutes at a 5:30 a.m. class at Revolution, Shari gets ready using the studio's showers, hair dryers, and luxury bath products.

"You literally just need to pack your clothes and head out the door," Revolution co-owner Kim Syma explains.

"You save time, you save energy, you are not frustrated, you can show up to work as your best version of yourself," says Syma.

The morning classes at Revolution are full of savvy commuters.

"The 45 minutes you spend in traffic you could spend in class with us doing cycle or yoga, and then you've got your workout in. You haven't been frustrated by traffic. The endorphins are flowing, and you are ready to start your day in a totally different mental state," Syma explains.

This routine puts Shari at the office by 8 a.m., workout done and traffic avoided.

"It's a much better productive day when I'm working out and do it early," King says.

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