Devices that can help track your teen's driving

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Friday, May 11, 2018
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Devices that help track your teen's driving

It can be nerve-racking whenever your teen is behind the wheel for the first year or two.

You worry about their whereabouts, if they're speeding, or obeying the rules of the road.

Thanks to some innovative tracking devices, parents now have the option to be in the passenger seat without even being in the car.

Courtney Sapp is concerned every time her 17-year-old son Zack gets behind the wheel.

"We worry about him, you don't know what they're doing when you send them out," Sapp told us.

But some fears are put to ease, thanks to the MotoSafety tracking device. Simple to use, just plug it in and fire up the app.

The app provides Sapp with her son's driving history, including speeding alerts, if he accelerates too quickly, or slams on the brakes.

The app also provides a report card on their driving history. Zack says the device has made him more aware of his driving habits.

"I would be in a 35, I would always go 40, and now I've slowed it down, because I know that they can see it," Zack said.

The MotoSafety device goes for $80, plus $20 a month for monitoring.

Santiago Mendoza has been tracking his 17-year-old son Noah with Bouncie, and really likes the geo-circles feature setup near his home and school.

"And when he enters those circles, it gives you an alarm telling you that he is here," Mendoza said.

The app provides real time data as well.

"It told me that at the time that it took him to get here, the efficiency of his driving," Mendoza explained.

It also provides speeding notifications, acceleration and hard braking. Mendoza says the device will be extremely helpful when Noah goes away to Baylor in the fall.

Bouncie goes for $67, and only $8 a month.

Those are two paid subscription devices that allow you to track your teen, but if you're looking for something more economical, Life 360 is an app that allows you to track your teens from your phone for free.

Tricia Goins says the Life 360 app has been a lifesaver for her.

"I'm not so worried about him. I was just worried about other people interacting with him on the road," Goins said.

In order for it to work, your teen's phone needs to be on. It tracks and monitors their speed and location.

Users do have the option to pay $8 a month for additional features, including speed alerts, crash detection, and cell phone use, letting you know if your teen was texting and driving.

At the end of the day, parents say the main purpose of these devices gives them the peace of mind they're looking for.