You'll get a charge out of this and save money

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Totally worth it
Mighty Charger helps you recharge your used batteries.

Today's totally worth it Wednesday gadget is the Mighty Charger and you'll think it's mighty cool because it charges not only your rechargeable batteries like NiCD and NiMH batteries, but it will charge your disposable alkaline batteries as well. Yes alkaline.

Just insert any AA, AAA or 9-volt battery in the slots and plug it into the wall.

The flashing lights mean the batteries are charging.

If the light above the battery doesn't come on, it means the battery is too far gone and won't take a charge.

It takes about three hours to charged AA or AAA and six hours to recharge a 9-volt battery. When the light stops flashing, they're charged.

The batteries don't hold a charge as long as new batteries but you can recharge them up to 20 times. Never try to charge a corroded or leaking battery, and never charge lithium ion batteries.

The Mighty Charger is usually $20 but it is selling on Amazon for $10.99.