Wi-Fi enabled camera helps you scope out hard-to-reach places

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Totally Worth IT Wednesday Wifi Endoscope
This Totally Worth It Wednesday gadget is a wifi endoscope. But is it worth it?

If you need help finding things in hard-to-reach places, you might try a Wi-Fi endoscope.

The endoscope is a long wire with a lighted camera on one end and a Wi-Fi box on the other.

All you do is download the Wi-Fi app, and it opens up and connects automatically.

Let's say you lose your keys under a desk or someplace that's really tucked away.

You can't see underneath there, so you want a camera that can.

Once you turn on the Wi-Fi box, it connects to the app. The lighted camera lets you look underneath things while you look at your phone.

The endoscope costs anywhere from $15-$25 on Amazon or other shopping sites.

I think it's totally worth it!