Topo Chico: 7 things we love about Texas's unofficial drink

ByBrandon De Hoyos KTRK logo
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Seven things we love about Topo Chico
Seven things we love about Topo Chico

It wasn't born in Texas, but it could very well be our official state drink.

With its bubbly personality and iconic yellow label, Topo Chico is more than just mineral water. The refreshing beverage brings life and joy to those in the know.

Here's 7 things we love about the Mexican-born drink:

Burns like soda, but with the benefits of water

When you pop the yellow and black cap of a Topo Chico, you set off an eruption of effervescent bubbles that lie dormant until the bottle is opened. At ice-cold temperatures, the burn is not unlike that of a Coca-Cola, but it's better for you. I mean, it's water.

Topo Chico is sugar-free, extremely low in sodium and keeps you hydrated so you can go about your day. Oh, and did we forget to mention it's ridiculously delicious?

It's mineral water, so it's great for you

Topo Chico is optimized by nature. Unlike mineralized water, which is explained on the Topo Chico blog, this infamous drink had its minerals there all along.

Sourced from the springs at Cerro del Topo Chico in Monterrey, Mexico, the water includes sodium, which makes you as regular as a Swiss train; magnesium, which aids in digestion, powers the brain and promotes a serene sense of calm within; potassium, which is an important fuel for heart, kidney and nervous system function; and manganese, an antioxidant that benefits your bones, increases collagen production (read: makes your skin look amazing), and benefits the heart.

Ridiculously good mixed drinks

Topo Chico might be water, but it's not any water. In fact, you can use it to make some amazing mixed drinks. Check out these Topo Chico cocktail recipes and know there are a lot more where that came from.

¡Que artistica!

Been over to Etsy lately? The artisan class and do-it-yourself crowd loves Topo Chico. You can shear the top off the glass bottles to be reused as drinking glasses, candle holders, even ornaments!

Check out more Topo Chico arts and crafts

How about a magic trick?

You can show the kids your inner Princess Elsa or Kristoff from Disney's "Frozen" with this awesome trick. (Actually, it's science... more on that in a second.)

Place the Topo Chico bottle in the freezer for a few hours. Even when it's chilled to the core, the glass bottle won't bust because its mineral composition forbids it to ice over. But, pop the cap off the bottle and watch the thing turn to solid ice as soon as oxygen hits the watery surface.

This is a pretty neat party trick, too. Speaking of...

Everybody celebrates when there's Topo Chico

If you have never brought Topo Chico to a party, we dare you. We double dog dare you. It'll be gone so quick, and you'll be the hero for those whose taste buds got a taste.

Having this stuff in the fridge is also likely to make you the envy of friends when people drop in and you can casually offer them something beyond the flat bottled stuff.

We love its history

While it'd be easy to assume someone just bottled the drink at the fountain of youth, it's real history is pretty awesome.

Topo Chico first appeared in 1895 south of the border in Monterrey, Mexico, where visitors to the Cerro del Topo Chico found a delicious fount of water in it's mountain base springs. Dr. Julio Randle figured he could make a buck after watching people cart the water home with them.

Nearly 100 years later, in 1987, Topo Chico made its way to the U.S. and has been celebrated ever since. Entrepreneur success story. #Winning