'It was her dream': Grieving undocumented mother enters US with daughter's ashes

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Mom carries daughter's ashes as she seeks US asylum
As the Title 42 immigration order winds down, Eyewitness News visited El Paso along the border where migrants are making a last-minute effort to seek asylum.

EL PASO, Texas (KTRK) -- On Wednesday morning, under the hot El Paso sun, dozens of migrants were escorted to buses by military personnel and Customs and Border Patrol agents.

It happened near gate 42 at the border wall.

As the migrants walked toward the buses that would eventually take them to the CBP holding, Eyewitness News asked where they were from and how they were feeling. Many told us they were from different countries like Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru. When asked how they felt, many flashed us smiles and thumbs up, saying they felt happy and hopeful.

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As they cross into United States territory, some have plans to ask for asylum, with others seeking things like humanitarian parole- anything to help them get in the correct route of the immigration process to eventually get documentation and work here legally.

"Y era su sueño estar aqui, pero yo no queria asi," a woman, clenching her bag close to her chest on Wednesday morning, cried and yelled as she entered the CPB buses. She says her family's dream was to come to the United States, but not this way. The thing is, she told us she's from Hermosillo in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.

Through her cries, she told ABC13 her 13-year-old daughter was killed before they were able to make it to the United States, and inside her bag, she was carrying her daughter's ashes.

Who killed her daughter or when is unclear. The woman was told to get on the bus before she could finish telling us what happened.

For the last several days, many immigrant families have told us about the long weeks of dangerous travel just to get the opportunity to present their case before a court in the United States.

Their hope is to eventually build a better and safer life here in the U.S.

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