Houston weightlifter Tiny Meeker sets another world record

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Houston weightlifter Tiny Meeker sets world record - again!
Tiny Meeker has so many world records in weightlifting he can hardly remember them all, and he's already got a new goal in his sights.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Just about the only thing bigger than his biceps is their list of accomplishments.

"I really don't even know how many world records I have," Tiny Meeker admitted. "I know I've got over 75."

He's a world-class weightlifter who goes by the name Tiny. Yes, quite the opposite of nearly everything about him.

"They started calling me Tiny as a joke, since I was the big guy," Meeker explained.

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Humble native Tiny Meeker, who runs Metroflex-Houston in Kingwood alongside world-renowned strength nutritionist Nathan Payton, might just be the greatest bench presser of all-time. In November, the 50-year-old set a new world record by bench pressing 1,125 pounds at the IPA National Powerlifting Championships in York, Pennsylvania.

"This one was a lot more emotional because of what I went through," Tiny noted.

Tiny, a Hall of Famer and 26-time world champion, had to deal with more than just 45 pound plates. He's overcome the weight of multiple burdens. In 2017, Meeker was involved in three car accidents.

"I tore my labrum, messed up my hips, my hamstring, my knee and my neck," Meeker recalled.

Unable to lift due to the injuries, and dealing with stress from the declining health of his beloved mother, Tiny was hospitalized with atrial fibrillation in 2019.

"I was frustrated," Tiny, who began his powerlifting career at Humble High School, admitted. "Am I ever going to freaking heal?"

But a few months ago, his body began to feel different. And in just his second competition since 2017, Tiny delivered the heaviest bench press in recorded history.

"To me, it was unfinished business," Meeker explained. "I wanted to be the first guy, and still want to be the first guy, to bench 1,200 pounds."

Yes, you heard him: a 1,200-pound bench press is the next goal.

"Why do it easy? I'm Tiny Meeker."

Right. He's made a name for himself by doing the contrary.

Tiny tells us he plans to bench 1,200 pounds in February 2022. Additionally, Meeker will host the Baddest Bencher on the Planet II May 14th at The Nathaniel Center in Kingwood.

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