Pick your president with these tasty treats at 3 Houston restaurants

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Pick your President with these tasty treats!
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Three Brothers Bakery has predicted the winner of the last three Presidential elections with their "Vote with Your Tastebuds" cookie poll.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The lead-up to the 2020 presidential election has been tense, but three local restaurants are trying to lighten the mood by giving you the chance to "vote with your tastebuds," as Three Brothers Bakery's Janice Jucker says.

Three Brothers, Pena's Donuts & Diner, and Local Foods are all offering President Donald Trump and former Vice President Biden food items through Election Day.

Three Brothers Bakery has been doing a "cookie poll" since September. Customers are able to buy a cookie featuring Trump, Biden, or Gingy, who is a gingerbread man.

"The cookies are gingerbread cookies," said Bobby Jucker of Three Brothers. "We want people to have fun about this."

This is the fourth time Three Brothers has done their presidential cookie poll, which has correctly predicted the last three winners. The bakery has three locations in Houston, and Trump currently leads Biden at each store.

Beginning Nov. 1, customers at Pena's will have the option of buying a donut that says "Trump 2020" or "Biden 2020." The Trump donut comes with cherry icing, and the Biden donut comes with blue icing. Salazar says Pena's will tally the purchases and put the results on social media.

"It's just a fun way for people to buy a donut," said Aldo Salazar, owner of Pena's, which is located at 10555 Pearland Parkway in Southeast Houston.

Finally, and only on Election Day, Local Foods is doing a presidential sandwich special at their five locations. The special, which comes with two sides, includes half of a "Donald Trumpet Mushroom Sandwich" and half of a "Joe Bison." Upon ordering, the customer will receive a ticket allowing them to vote for their favorite sandwich.

"It also happens to be National Sandwich Day," said Jeremy Robinson of Local Foods.