Cy-Fair ISD theater teacher to star in episode of ABC's 'The Rookie'

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Friday, April 5, 2024
Cy-Fair ISD theater teacher to star in episode of ABC's 'The Rookie'
Cy-Fair ISD theater teacher Kedrick Brown has appeared on several hit TV shows, and now he's getting ready for a turn in ABC's "The Rookie."

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- While Cy-Fair ISD theater teacher Kedrick Brown is no rookie when it comes to acting, his next role will have him playing alongside one - at least on TV.

Brown, who has multiple credits to his name for his on-screen work, will appear in an episode of "The Rookie" Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Brown stopped by ABC13, explaining that he plays a character who faces a dilemma and accusations for something he didn't do. If the description sounds vague, well, that's by design.

He can't say too much without getting in trouble.

"The Rookie" follows John Nolan, a middle-aged man whose journey to becoming an LAPD officer sees him working to keep up with colleagues 20 years his junior. He's the oldest rookie on the force.

Ironically, Rookie Nolan is played by a veteran actor, Nathan Fillion, who starred in the longtime series "Castle."

Now, Fillion is leading this rookie cast into their fifth season.

Brown had to fly to Los Angeles to shoot the episode.

"The work that happens, it happens quick, and then there's a waiting period. It's a lot that goes into from just putting it on the camera to the TV where you guys see it," Brown said, adding that whenever he prepares for roles, he always tries to internalize where the character is coming from mentally.

"You have to decide where is this character coming from. And just like I teach my students, what is the why? Why does he do what he do? Why does he do it when he does it? And why does he say it to this person or that person? What's your motivation?"

Motivation is a big factor for Brown as an educator.

As a drama teacher at Watkins Middle School, he told ABC13 his goal is to reach students.

"It helps to be someone who has a hands-on impact on today's youth and be able to give them something they can take throughout their life no matter what career path they choose," he said.

Brown said he decided years ago that if he wanted to see a change, he had to take the step to make it happen.

"Instead of being on the sideline or on social media talking about it, I decided to check myself into the game," he began. "What it is that I do as a professional impacts them, and I realize that it impacts them in such a positive way because I've had students who have finally decided, 'This is what I want to do in my life,' so for me, that's a win."

While Brown's world is a stage, it's also a balancing act.

"My principal at my school, Ms. (Andrea) Lagard, has been extremely supportive. She has been paramount in allowing me to take my skill sets, not just from theatre, but also film and TV and bring it into the classroom, so I'm extremely grateful for that," he said.

Brown has worked to make a name for himself in Hollywood, appearing in "The Chosen," "New Amsterdam," "Black Lightning," "The Game," "Cherish the Day," "Surviving Compton," "Bayou Caviar," "Greenleaf," "Underground," "American Crime," and "Survivor's Remorse."

And while Brown knows about being the center of attention in Tinseltown, his students take center stage in the classroom.

"I think it's a hard ask to ask 11, 12, and 13-year-olds to sit eight hours a day, and don't talk, don't move, do what I say, don't do that. We get a lot of don'ts, so in my classroom, we get a lot of dos," he said with a smile.

"The Rookie" airs on ABC13 Tuesdays at 8 p.m.