Extra $300 a week for jobless Texans OK'd and payments could start next week

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Friday, August 21, 2020
Texas requests extra $300 per week for the unemployed
Although some Texans may be seeing the extra $300 per week in unemployment aid, nearly 350,000 people in Texas won't qualify for the extra payment because they either earned too little from the work they lost or didn't indicate on paperwork that they lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Texas was granted federal approval for $300 in extra unemployment benefits, which could be paid out beginning next week.

The Texas Tribune reported the state got the OK on Friday of funding under President Donald Trump's Lost Wage Assistance Executive Order.

The president's order calls for an extra $400 a week, but Gov. Greg Abbott said Texans would see an additional $300. The order states the federal government will supply an extra $300, and states should add an additional $100.

"We are anticipating to try to have that ready by next week so when people make their payment request, we can begin adding that on," Texas Workforce Commission spokesperson Cisco Gamez told The Texas Tribune. "It is possible there could be some delays, but it should be pretty quick."

Texans who qualify will also receive $300 weekly for the previous weeks in August before the funding was approved, Gamez said, dating to Aug. 1. This is an attempt to make up for the expiration of $600 weekly payments in July for people who were unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Last week, Abbott said during a news conference in Beaumont, he was told a deal could be reached in Congress for additional unemployment benefits. In a news release Thursday, Abbott said the order will help struggling Texans.

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"The Lost Wage Assistance Program will provide crucial financial support to Texans who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic," Abbott said in the release. "Texas is grateful to President Trump for making these funds available to individuals and asks our federal partners quickly grant this request so that TWC can swiftly administer this funding to Texans."

In order to qualify, you must make at least $100 in weekly unemployment benefits.

The video above is a July 2020 report on resources available for unemployed Texans.

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