TxTAG drivers should check their bills

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For those of you driving our Texas toll roads, you may want to check your statements as you could see more charges than you expect.

TxTAG has recently transitioned to a new billing system, and while you may be accustomed to having your account charged as you go, that's not what's happening for some customers. You could notice that the charges are not coming until later, months later, and maybe in bunches. The billing delays began in mid-October and some customers are now seeing all of those charges on their bill at once.

Here's the explanation given for customers online from TxDOT:

"Toll transactions incurred during this transition will be posted to customer accounts in the coming weeks. Customers who opted in for autopay may see multiple replenishments within a short period of time in order to cover the cost of toll usage."

TxTAG says it does not have a future date when all charges will be brought up to date. It also warns of a large call volume right now, and is urging customers to manage accounts online at txtag.org
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