Energy expert evaluates ERCOT and the Texas power grid amid record-breaking heat

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
High energy demand putting on strain on Texas power grid, expert says
Energy expert Doug Lewin joined Eyewitness News to discuss the reliability of the Texas power grid to keep up with the state's scorching heat.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Despite the short-lived rainfall some people in the greater Houston area saw on Tuesday, it's still extremely dry and hot across the state.

We're all working the air conditioning overtime, trying to stay comfortable, and that's putting a strain on the Texas power grid.

ERCOT and several energy providers have, at times, asked Texans to conserve during peak hours.

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Since late June, we've broken 10 records for energy demand.

Energy expert Doug Lewin discussed ERCOT and grid reliability as we head into the end of summer and then prepare for whatever winter brings.

You can watch his interview in the video player above.

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ERCOT asked Texans to voluntarily conserve power Tuesday. While it did not experience an emergency status, the state's power grid said conditions were tight.