New poll shows most Americans oppose Texas' abortion law, other states' abortion clinic restrictions

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Texas Senate Bill 8, which effectively bans most abortions in the state, has been in effect for more than two months now.

A poll released Tuesday, conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post, shows 58% of Americans oppose state laws that make it harder for abortion clinics to operate, versus 36% of people who support those laws.

Even more unpopular across the country is the Texas abortion law. The poll shows two-thirds of Americans think the Supreme Court should reject it.

Experts believe the law will eventually be deemed unconstitutional. For now, though, the next big decision is whether or not it will stay in effect until they decide.

"The Supreme Court will decide one way or another this month, if not this week, regarding whether the law will be suspended pending litigation or whether it will be allowed to remain in force as the litigation passes through the court system," explained Mark Jones, a professor of political science at Rice University.

Some abortion-related issues are highly partisan. However, this poll shows 75% of Americans think the decision on whether to have an abortion or not should be up to the woman and her doctor, only 20% saying that decision should be regulated by law.

As for what is next, Jones said the majority conservative Supreme Court may be more willing to let states make their own laws on abortion.

"We wouldn't be seeing an outlaw of abortion on a federal level, but what we could see is the Supreme Court saying, 'Roe v. Wade still stands as a maximum, that is you can't allow abortions after 24 weeks,' but what we could see the Supreme Court to allow states to have a shorter time period," explained Jones.


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