ABC13 Exclusive: Migrants in Del Rio shuffle onto evacuating US aircraft

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Thursday, September 23, 2021
EXCLUSIVE: Migrants in Del Rio shuffle onto evacuating US aircraft
In exclusive video, several of the Haitian migrants who had sought temporary refuge at the Del Rio border bridge were captured on camera being shuffled onto U.S. aircraft.

DEL RIO, Texas (KTRK) -- As U.S. officials say they are deporting people back to their home countries after a huge increase of migrant people at the border, our ABC13 crew watched Coast Guard planes taking off and landing at the Del Rio International Airport on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

The video shows a man surrounded by agents. The man then drops to the ground, and the agents do, too.

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A young boy, who is also surrounded by agents, watched as it all took place.

The agents appeared to be comforting him. The man gets up, and it looks like some kind of discussion is happening.

But before we could tell any more, other agents pull up in SUVs to block the view.

As we moved, so did the vehicles blocking our cameras. At one point, a large, empty bus even pulls up, blocking the view again.

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Still, our crews were able to capture multiple people escorted onto a plane, one adult at a time. Some adults were with children.

We have reached out to Border Patrol, both by telephone and by email, for more information.

We received an email notifying us that our questions had been received, but we did not receive any further information or explanation for what we saw.

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