Houston community supports teen who sold bottled water for back-to-school supplies

Thursday, July 29, 2021
Community supports teen who sold water to buy school supplies
News of the teen's act caught the attention of Houston rapper Trae tha Truth, who took the teen shopping for everything he and his siblings needed.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A young teen selling water to raise money for school supplies is touching hearts all over Houston. Now, he's been rewarded for his dedication.

Jayden Buckley, 15, said it all started with a woman's act of kindness. Buckley was selling bottled water near Fondren and West Airport in front of a gas station to raise money for school supplies and to help his mother.

"When this lady first gave me $100, I almost had a heart attack because I never thought that was going to happen," Jayden told ABC13. "And then, a ton of people started pulling up."

That kind woman posted pictures of Jayden on social media. Soon the news spread and caught the eye of Houston rapper Trae tha Truth, who took Jayden back-to-school shopping, along with the teen's three siblings.

Jayden's mom, Jamaica, a widow with four children, was overwhelmed with emotion when she spoke with ABC13. She said they've had a difficult time since they moved to Houston from Atlanta in April. She has been working to get a job, but has not had any luck.

"I'm just shocked because I never had anyone just bless me or my kids like this ever," Jamaica said. "(Wednesday) was the happiest I've seen him like in a while."

Since the post, more support has poured in for the family.

Joseph Capo Dinnon, a well-known Alief community activist, was also there to support the family and wants to make sure Jayden gets the recognition he deserves.

"He's out here doing something a lot of kids aren't trying to do," Dinnon said. "A lot of kids are out here getting in trouble, doing different stuff. He's actually staying out of trouble and doing something positive. So, we just wanted to let him know, as a community, we got his back."

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