Tanger Outlets installs honeybee colony on roof of mall

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Monday, June 14, 2021
Tanger Outlets installs honeybee colony on roof of mall
Keep an eye out next time you go shopping! Up to 50,000 honeybees are making their new home on the roof of Tanger Outlets.

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- Shoppers at Tanger Outlets in Texas City are in for a buzzworthy surprise!

Tanger Outlets Houston recently announced that a honeybee colony was installed on the roof of the shopping center this month.

In partnership with Alvéole, a social beekeeping company, Tanger Outlets plans on not only housing up to 50,000 bees, but also using the partnership to engage with the community and provide learning opportunities to shoppers.

According to a press release from Tanger Outlets, the bee colony is part of the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility. Officials with the shopping center say the project highlights the importance of building back biodiversity within communities.

The colony is located in an elevated, secluded hive on the roof of the shopping center. The honeybees are a special breed selected for the docility.

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Daily, the bees will collect nectar and pollen within a roughly three-mile radius of the hive, pollinating fauna and flora in the area.

At the height of the season, the retailer says each hive can house up to 50,000 bees, of which 90% will be female worker bees, and the remaining 10% will be male drone bees. And of course, there's a queen too.

Tanger Outlets estimates the bees will produce about 100 jars worth of honey at the end of the season. The retailer says it plans to harvest the honey and share it with neighbors.

On top of housing the bees, the outlet mall plans to host educational bee workshops with resident beekeeper Evan Donoho Gregory. The workshops will provide a hands-on, interactive experience for shoppers to play a role in the hive's progress.

Tanger Outlets has an online blog where shoppers can keep up with the new hive. According to the site, there are nearly 20,000 bees so far.