Surfside residents take advantage of high waves from Imelda

SURFSIDE, Texas (KTRK) -- While the rest of Houston is taking cover, the sun is out in Surfside and people are actually taking advantage of the weather.

It has turned into a surfing destination, with dozens of people out on surf and paddleboards, enjoying those big waves.

Streets have been flooded for most of the day Wednesday, but police said there have been no reports of water inside homes or businesses.

People who live here deal with flooding several times a year, but they're still hoping it doesn't get worse.

"We are used to the flooding and people are usually used to harsh conditions, although when it comes out of nowhere, nobody is prepared and we could always be more storm ready as a community," Jonathan Gerber, a Surfside resident said.

"It's all about balance out here. People want some severe weather so they can get those wave, but not so much that they run into trouble," Gerber said.

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