Mattress Mack's customers win big on Gallery Furniture promotion

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale isn't the only big winner after his Super Bowl bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

His customers are waking up with smiles, too. But that could also be because they got a great night's rest on their now-free mattresses.

Last week, Mattress Mack, owner of Gallery Furniture, placed a $3.46 million wager on the underdog Tampa Bay Buccaneers at +3.5 in Super Bowl LV.

While some of his bets haven't panned out in the past, (see the Astros losing to the Nationals in 2019), this one paid off.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mattress Mack will cash in on $3.4M bet for Super Bowl LV
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Watch Mattress Mack react to the win! Not only did Tampa Bay's victory cause Mack to score big, he said he's also spreading the joy to his customers, who will get their money back after buying a brand new mattress from Gallery Furniture.🏈💰

As part of the deal, customers who purchased certain mattress and other bed sets priced at $3,000 or more would get their mattress free if the Buccaneers won.

The Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 Sunday night.

That was also welcome news to retired astronaut Clayton Anderson, who is about to get $3,800 back after buying a mattress a week ago.

"I'm a little excited. Just pleased I'm going to get some money back in my credit card account," Anderson, who lives in League City, told ABC13.

Anderson, who is also a children's book author, said that he and his wife needed a new mattress, so they paid Gallery Furniture a visit.

While he hadn't participated in the Astros promotion in 2017, Anderson was well aware of the deals Mattress Mack offers, but that's not why he's a fan of him.

"Astronauts need sleep too, and the fact that Mattress Mack is so gracious in all he tries to do for the city of Houston, and his reputation is well-known across the South, and I hope across the United States. We need more people like him in the world. And I'm very grateful to him for the simple fact I saved a lot of money on a mattress, but I'm also very grateful to him for what he does for others and he's also a great example of what we can all strive to be," Anderson said.

Anderson tweeted proudly about his free mattress and got the attention of Mattress Mack, who retweeted him in the process.

A look through Mattress Mack's Facebook feed shows even more messages of gratitude.

One person wrote that he spent $10,000 on a mattress and adjustable bed, and the refund is a huge blessing, because the items were for his wife who has stage four metastatic breast cancer.

"She slept on it last night and didn't suffer pain for the first time in a year," the customer said.

Another customer, Dana Hong, was able to take advantage of the deal just in time.

Hong, a nurse practitioner with lung transplant patients at Houston Methodist Hospital, said she had wanted an adjustable bed for a long time, and finally got her husband to agree. They got their new bed Thursday night.

"It's really kind of a funny story because I've been wanting an adjustable bed forever, and I have not ever been able to get my husband talked into doing it. And I literally was practically begging him all week to do this, and it wasn't until Thursday, 8:30 p.m. at night, that he finally relented and was like, 'Ok, fine,'" Hong explained.

"He said the bed's even more comfortable now that I know we don't have to pay for it!" she said.

This was Hong's first time participating in one of these Gallery Furniture promotions. Her sister won big in 2017 during the store's World Series promotion with the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But after a rough 2020 for just about everyone, Hong says things seem to be looking brighter in 2021.

"No COVID, thankfully, but having to deal with a lot of it with our patients and so, this just makes 2021 that much better. Now we got our vaccine, we're vaccinating all of our patients, and now fun stuff on top of it," Hong said, adding that the city is blessed to have someone like Mattress Mack.

"He's got a birthday coming up, and I just wish him the best birthday ever. He's great," she said.

WATCH: Gallery Furniture customer and nurse shares her story
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Nurse Dana Hong said she and her husband got in on the Gallery Furniture promotion just in time. Here's her story.

If you missed your chance to join Mattress Mack's bet this time around, the beloved Houston icon said there are plenty more sports coming up, so you may soon have the chance to shoot your shot as other Gallery Furniture customers did.

BEFORE THE GAME: Mattress Mack talks about placing Super Bowl bet on Bucs
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Consider him the biggest Buccaneers fan in the least for one weekend. In the video, Mattress Mack gave his reason to choose Tampa Bay over Kansas City for his big promotional bet with his Gallery Furniture customers.

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