California police officer praised for the way he helped a non-verbal child with autism

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Officer uses pencil and paper to help child with autism
"It's what we do": A police officer is being praised for his creative method of communicating with a non-verbal child in need.

STOCKTON, California -- A Stockton Police Department officer is being praised for the way he helped a child with autism found alone downtown.

In a post on Facebook, the police department said "#ItsWhatWeDo" when detailing the thoughtful action an officer took to help a child with special needs.

Police say a community member called authorities when a child who appeared "scared and confused" was spotted alone.

According to SPD, a bike officer located the child and identified him through a bus pass.

That's when the officer learned the child had non-verbal autism. In order to communicate, the officer reportedly gave the child a pencil and paper to write on.

It was through this gesture that police say the officer was able to locate a family member and reunite the child safely.

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