How long will it really take to get your stimulus check?

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Monday, March 30, 2020
U.S. government hopes to write stimulus checks in April amid coronavirus pandemic
Three weeks or three months? A financial expert said you may have take a look back in history to know when the checks are coming.

Will stimulus money really arrive in three weeks? The government said it hopes to start writing checks for Americans in April as coronavirus continues to cripple the economy.

Len Burman, of the Tax Policy Center and a fellow at the Urban Institute, addressed the likelihood of success.

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"If your viewers are uncertain about what's happening, they're not alone," said Burman.

He said during previous stimulus packages, money did not flow quickly.

"Past experience suggests it could take longer than that three weeks," said Burman. "Last time the IRS sent out refund checks, it was three months before people got them."

Of course, the talk of money shouldn't shift away the focus of the root reason the stimulus is happening in the first place. With cases growing exponentially in the Houston-area, more and more questions are being asked about flattening the curve.

Beyond simply staying home and practicing proper hygiene, medical experts like Dr. Jill Weatherhead are addressing more specific questions, including whether children should ever visit their grandparents during the pandemic. The elderly have been mentioned as one of the most vulnerable people to succumb to the disease.

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"So, the elderly are considered in that high risk group, so mitigating any risk factors to the elderly is important," said Dr. Weatherhead. "There are people who need help with child care. That has to continue, and so a lot of grandparents are stepping up to fill those shoes. You just have to make sure you're taking the necessary precautions."

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