Police officer saves 3-week-old who stopped breathing in rescue caught on camera

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Michigan police officer saves choking baby as family watches
MAKE SURE THE SOUND IS ON: This powerful video actually shows the officer saving the baby in an emotional moment you have to see for yourself.

STERLING HEIGHTS, Michigan -- A 3-week-old baby in Michigan is alive thanks to a police officer's quick thinking when the child stopped breathing.

The life-saving moment happened last Thursday, but video of it has now been released.

Police responded to a call of a 3-week-old baby who wasn't breathing.

Officer Cameron Maciejewski was the first to arrive at the home, where panicked family members stood outside. The baby made no noise.

"The baby's lips had turned purple. The face was blue, clearly not getting any air. The officer immediately knew something was wrong with the baby," police chief Dale Dwojakowski told WXYZ.

In the video above, you can see Maciejewski hold the baby, take her vital signs and quickly turn her over, using back thrusts to clear her airway.

"To everyone's amazement and joy, the baby made it, and the mother actually collapsed to the ground after that. I'm so proud of our officer, and what he did," Dwojakowski said.

The chief also said Maciejewski did a great job calming down the family before the baby girl was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Watch the full interaction above in the video player.