Woman mortified after man uses syringe to shoot sticky substance at her

Stephanie Sebastian said she is mortified after she said a man shot a substance onto her back. Sebastian said she was shopping at the Atascocita H-E-B on Saturday afternoon.

"I did realize he was close to me. I didn't realize how close he was. I felt this really wet, sticky stuff hit my back and I look and I touch it and he goes, 'Excuse me' and darts off," said Stephanie Sebastian.

At first, Sebastian said she didn't think anything of it. Then two employees approached her and told her a witness saw what happened.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said a witness saw a man use a syringe to shoot a substance onto the woman's back. Sebastian thinks the substance was body fluid.

Sebastian said the shopper who witnessed the incident didn't just report it to the H-E-B staff, he also chased the suspect. The suspect ran to a nearby Kohl's. He was located. The incident is being investigated as an assault. The man has not been charged.

Deputies say it's unclear what the substance was but it is being tested.

Sebastian is sharing her story to help others. She doesn't want anyone else to become a victim.

"I was mortified. I was disgusted. I felt completely violated," said Stephanie Sebastian.
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