Was Reid Ryan's ABC-13 visit the lucky charm for Fiers?

Greg Bailey Image
Saturday, August 22, 2015

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Come back soon Reid Ryan!

We were running around like crazy in the ABC-13 sports office. If Mike Fiers closed out his first career no-hitter, suddenly we were the lead in the newscast.

As he inched closer, in I looked up to see Astros President Reid Ryan standing next to his dad, Nolan, in the box at Minute Maid. (How cool was it that Big Tex was front and center?)

Earlier Friday, Reid had visited the KTRK studios to join us at 11 o'clock for a preview of Craig Biggio's Hall of Fame pregame celebration on Saturday. Great event. Nice preview from Reid. Better night at Minute Maid!

So it's a lock. From now on when the Astros need a little magic, Reid just needs to come on back. He's officially our ABC-13 good luck charm.

Thanks, Reid!