Roughnecks fan receives VIP treatment after getting stranded on the way to game

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After putting out a call for help, a stranded Roughnecks fan received the VIP treatment.

Colby Murray is quickly becoming a Roughnecks fan favorite. It's not because of his double fisting hard hat, oil worker jumper, or loud voice.

It's because what happened to his vehicle.

"We made it halfway to Dallas," Murray said in a social media video. "Halfway there for the Texas Throwdown, and the Ford broke down."

He shared the video to social media after car troubles prevented him from making the Roughnecks game. The team saw it, and tried to get him to Dallas.

"Unfortunately, I was in such a small town there were no Uber or Lyft drivers," Murray recalled. "I called a friend, and got home, and I sold the truck to a guy in Buffalo."

Murray didn't get to Dallas, but he got to a Roughnecks game. The team hooked him up with tickets to today's game, and they even gave Murray pre-game sideline passes.

"We're at the 40-yard-line, perfect height, these seats are the best," Murray said.

The Roughnecks also shared his story on the Jumbotron.

"This is awesome," Murray said. "I love it! Everything about this is incredible."

After receiving this kind of treatment, Murray said the team might have finally founds its mascot.

"Better than I could've imagined," Murray said. "I love the Roughnecks!"

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